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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started in the wound care industry?

It’s very important to have a credible wound care professional on your staff that has wound care experience. Preferably a wound care nurse.

As a Wound Care Connection member, how involved do I have to be?

We would like you to be an active participant in the webinars, list serv and educational opportunities as they come about.

Who do I talk to about reimbursement/billing/collections issues?

You can contact us directly with your questions. If we can’t find the right answer, we can put you in touch with Ronda Buhrmester, Reimbursement Specialist for U.S. Rehab and VGM.


These reference guides are simply for your reference and we highly encourage you to check your Jurisdiction’s website frequently.

Medicare Documentation
Reference Guide to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
Reference Guide to Support Surfaces Checklist (Group 1)
Reference Guide to Support Surfaces Checklist (Group 2)
Reference Guide to Support Surfaces (Group 1)
Surgical Dressing Coverage Critera